Diversity in Agile


Mike Sutton

Program Approved Date

February 2010

Description and Main Activities

Diversity in Agile Series:  1 - Celebrating Gender Diversity (Videos)

Google Group

This program is proposed as a 5 - 6 month project that seeks to discover, record, and celebrate what gender diversity we have and use such a record as a platform to find ways to improve the attraction, retention, and contributions of more women into more areas of agile software development.  

The project will seek nominations globally for a number of suitable female software professionals who have been recognized by their teams, peers, organizations, or customers for bringing more describable value to their agile endeavors.  Successful nominees will then be visited and their story comprehensively recorded in photographis, video, and audio interviews.

This content will then be edited into a multi-media exhibition to celebrate the value and stories of the nominees.  The idea is that the exhibition will form a part of the next Agile 20xx conference as a space for attendees to spend free time in while discovering the stories and learning about gender diversity.  

How will the program support the mission of the Agile Alliance and make the software industry more productive, humane, and sustainable?


Support of under-represented groups:  all of the nominees represent an under-represented group of agile professionals.  The program will give voice to this group and promote the empowerment of women in agile teams.

Attracting more women to agile development:  while female participation in agile teams might seem to be better than traditional software development, it is still short of "substantial" or "significant."  The fact that that women find agile teams and organizations more appealing is a powerful argument to support this program and amplify the conditions that create the appeal.  This, perhaps, will draw more women into the agile space.

The stories of these women describe how embracing diverse opinions, experience, and special perspectives of women can and does make agile teams and projects better.

This program is meant to support agile endeavors and nurture positive agile values on around the globe.