The Alliance

Mission and operations:

We support those who explore and apply Agile principles and practices to make the software industry productive, humane, and sustainable.


Programs are initiated by members. Each program is proposed to the board of directors, who ensure that it fulfills the visions, meets the missions, and supports the values of the Agile Alliance. The person proposing the program becomes program director. The board monitors the program via quarterly status reports and re-approves it annually. Support for conferences and user groups – In addition to hosting the annual Agile20XX conference, the alliance offers sponsorships for other conferences and support for user groups.

If you have a question about the operation of the Agile Alliance please contact Phil Brock, our managing director

This website:

Members and visitors are encouraged to contribute content for this site.  We maintain an article library, lists of User Groups worldwide, feature new books on Agile, and post Agile-related events.