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Agile adoption can only be successful when the people themselves create the necessary changes and are committed and feel accountable for it. The goal, vision and reasons for the adoption should be clearly communicated. But the path towards them can only emerge by walking it.

Introduction to Agile Methods

By Sondra Ashmore & Kristin Runyan

A to XP: The Agile ABC Book

This illustrated job-aid covers approximately 100 Agile concepts in the context of 26 themes. Used by Coaches and Scrum Masters for Lean Coffees and trainings. The format is engaging and the content is substantive, covering Lean, Scrum and XP practices. The Agile ABC Book is valuable as a tool for getting folks on the same page in regard to the dozens of terms used in Agile, but it is even more valuable as a conversation starter for Agile teams, managers and stake holders. Author(s) Karen Favazza Spencer

Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis - Gottesdiener and Gorman

Discover to Deliver: Agile Product Planning and Analysis is a practical guide for rapidly discovering product needs in your lean/agile project. Ellen Gottesdiener and Mary Gorman, leading agile practitioners and consultants, share key concepts, practices, examples, a case study, tips, and powerful planning and analysis tools. This book is for professionals who need to collaboratively conceive, deliver and support software products and systems. You’ll learn how to continually discover and deliver high-value products.

Agile Adoption Mistakes You Must Avoid

Change is hard. Changing culture is even harder. Adopting Agile and Scrum requires a change of culture. Many organizations and Teams have made many Agile and Scrum implementation mistakes during this transition. By reading this book, you will be standing on the shoulders of those who failed before you.

The Human Side of Agile: How to Help Your Team Deliver

You need a team that's self-organized, energetic, and flexible, even in tough situations, but the human side of Agile is tricky. With this book, establish yourself as a confident, capable leader who adds value; build and lead an engaged team that's up to any challenge; cultivate collaboration and continuous improvement; and reap the full benefits of Agile in the real world with real people.

Combat Agile

An application of military warfighting concepts to Agile development.

YOGURT for Agile Development

I have been applying & evangelizing Agile practice for a long time. Last year, I decided to write down some notes flavored with experimentations as per my humble experiences.

Lean from the Trenches: Managing Large-Scale Projects with Kanban

Lean from the Trenches is all about actual practice. Find out how the Swedish police combined XP, Scrum, and Kanban in a 60-person project. From start to finish, you’ll see how to deliver a successful product using Lean principles. You’ll walk through the project step by step, from customer engagement, to the daily “cocktail party,” test, cross-team synchronization, and version control.

Manage Your Project Portfolio: Increase Your Capacity and Finish More Projects

Too many projects? Want to organize them and evaluate them without getting buried under a mountain of statistics? This book will help you collect all your work, decide which projects you should do first, second—and never. You’ll see how to tie your work to your organization’s mission and show your board, your managers, and your staff what you can accomplish and when. You’ll get a better view of the work you have, and learn how to make those difficult decisions, ensuring that all your strength is focused where it needs to be.