Request for Information: Membership Management


The Agile Alliance is a non-profit organization chartered to help spread the adoption and expansion of Agile software development world wide. The Agile Alliance reaches an audience of thousands of members and many more contacts.

We are looking for ways to streamline membership management. This includes “self-service” registration by members, invoicing, “self-service” member access to their profile and personal information, emailing renewal notices, managing “lapsed” memberships, sending bulk emails to our entire base or to selected segments.


Our intent is to reach out to platform (or software) vendors or open-source providers to select the solution best suited to the needs of our members and our organization’s board.


We expect vendors/providers to get back to us with a specific explanation of how the platform can meet our needs (not just a product brochure). Please tell us what features of your platform would help us do what we intend, and how.

Ideally, a “demo” site based on our current look and design (see Agile Alliance web site) would be created, either jointly with the provider’s help or by the provider.


We would like to “re-launch” our main site by the time of our next conference in August 2009.


  • Our membership consists of
    • paid-up or free individual members of the Agile Alliance
    • members of an organization having a corporate membership
    • non-member registered users of the site
    • We acquire members through registrations, renewals, and free membership given out to attendees of our yearly conference (typical attendance 1500+); we “lose” members (or rather they convert to “contacts” or synonymously “registered users”) through failure to renew
    • We require a way to register conference attendees in bulk
    • We require a way for users to access and update their profie
    • We would prefer if a registered user of our site only had to create an account once, for all of the various features and services we will offer. In particular, we plan to offer “social networking” features which will be required to integrate in some way with our member data.
    • In particular we would prefer if there was a way to restrict the use of some services provided through our sites to users who are paid-up or corporate Agile Alliance members
    • We require a mechanism to export all of the user data, including user-provided content, to some portable format
    • We require a way to process a new member registration from first contact to payment
    • We require automated management of the renewal process: sending notices to members who are about to lapse or recently lapsed, conducting exit surveys of members who leave permanently
    • We require a mechanism to send invoices to members after registration and renewal
    • We require a mechanism to push our monthly newsletter, or other content, to our entire contacts base, or to selected segments
    • It would be valuable to have access to reports and statistics analyzing registration and renewals

Further information