6th Lean, Agile & Scrum Conference 2014

September 09, 2014

Zurich, CH

Contact: Jiri Lundak  |  Link to Event


This year LAS is aiming to bring together the different flavors of Agile. Thanks to the compact one-day-format you get a big picture of the Agile universe in short time. You can make up your thoughts on controversially discuss topics and seemingly opposed ideas. This will help you to mutually understand your colleagues and you will be able to combine the different approaches into a coherent whole.

As a unique platform LAS does not only want to build bridges between the different roles in a team like project leads, business analysts, developers and testers, but also between business areas such as HR, line management and product management, that are facing new challenges in an Agile world.

Did you make any recent experience or have you learned something new, that you would like to share and discuss with an interested audience? Then LAS is the right not-for-profit forum for an intense and direct information exchange with your peers!